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Podcast Music Business Alon Barak and Hagai Goldowski

Alon Barak and Hagai Goldowski host leading artists and professionals in the music industry
Alon Barak, creator, guitarist, music producer and content person. Manages the Spotify community for musicians on Facebook, advises musicians and managers on the world of streaming and digital, and is considered one of the pioneers of Spotify in Israel. Behind him is a diverse resume that includes years of personal creation, performances and work with dozens of artists and ensembles, including: Idan Amidi, Avihu Pinchasov, Jacko Eisenberg, recordings for albums and TV shows, music production for artists, theater and music composition for international music libraries.

Hagai Goldowski, a graduate of the Yoav Gera School of Sound, a freak of sound, a musician, a branding and digital consultant and a technology entrepreneur, among other things, founded the startup PhonixIT and the startup Xbeamer . Served as Director of Marketing and Business Development at a variety of Israeli technology companies,

Co-founder and VP of Creative at the BrandNation Israel branding company. Broadcasts the BBQ podcast with Yossi Forkosh. Live and breathe branding, marketing and digital.



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